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ZAP DC Motor Drives & Controllers

All of Doortec’s installations use high quality ZAP motors and controllers. ZAP is a company, headquartered in Staffordshire, England, that provides a wide range of products designed to fit the needs of almost any automatic door. ZAP motors and controllers are safe, affordable, and easy to install which means big savings on your door installation. Here is a rundown of the products offered by ZAP.

Motor and Controller Specifications

All ZAP products are excellent DC motors and controllers. They’re DC motors rated for continuous duty, and have a soft start/stop output of 650 newtons. This reduces wear and tear on critical door components. The controllers are NEMA 4X compliant and wet location covers are provided for the motors.

Build Quality

ZAP motors feature a worm drive gearbox and V-belt reduction. Only high quality bearings and automotive spec, long-life V-belts are used in ZAP motors. Wiring is factory default C2 with a quality controlled B2 failsafe. Belt tension can be adjusted with a floor level control that also functions as the emergency release lever. Overall, ZAP products are incredibly easy to maintain and repair.

The controller case is constructed of heavy duty steel, so it’s very resistant to abuse. Even better, provided controllers can easily be upgraded for additional control locations or radio control. A terminal strip is provided that makes the process easy for Doortec to do during an install, or for you to do at a later date.


The control unit features the standard three up, down, and stop button controls. It can be mounted remotely as a secondary control device if necessary. The unit is easily wired and installed to a door system, and easily maintained once present.

Product Range

ZAP offers many different ranges of products, but the above features are more or less standard across them all. The big difference between individual ZAP motors and controllers is how much door they can lift.

825 Series

The 825 3 Super-Drive series is ZAP’s smallest offering. The various motors in this series are capable of lifting a 3 meters wide by 3 meters tall door in most situations. This motor still features the same benefits and high quality construction as other ZAP motors, just in a slightly smaller form.

8825 Series

The 8825 3 Super-Drive series is like the 825′s big brother. These motors will lift up to a 4 meter square door, or up to 7 by 3 meter door if a wide application is needed. The 8825 series motors and controllers do take up a little more space, but not much.

High Power Operators

The 8825-HPB and HPC/D Series 3 Super-Drive is the next level up and capable of lifting slightly more door than the 8825 Series 3 Super-Drive. The bigger HPD can lift a 7 by 6 meter door even in low headroom, high lift, high lift above 16 meters, and vertical lift conditions.

Other Motors

Finally, the 825 and and the 8825 series also have a few other variants. The 8825 Turbo-Drive has similar features to the standard 8825, but also has a Fire Station format. It features a sensor that detects an outgoing truck and automatically closes the door when the truck has left. There are also steel door versions of the 825 and 8825.

Overall, ZAP offers a great assortment of high quality products, and that’s why Doortec uses ZAP controllers and motors in all of our installs.