Doortec Australia, Australia’s leading manufacturer of industrial doors, also provides the full range of Protec Industrial Doors. If your business is looking for quiet, safe and secure industrial doors, look no further than Doortec’s offering of Protec Industrial Doors (European Manufacturer).

The range of products offered by Doortec includes the following:

Fire Doors

The technology involved in developing fire safe doors has developed exponentially over the last several years. With virtually no usage limitations and a technology that falls in line with current legislation and standards, these are doors which can offer business owners peace of mind when it comes to any sort of fire that may occur near its premises. In addition, the doors have an EI1 classification, which means they aren’t just good for the European market, but for ours as well.

Sound Insulating doors

Sometimes there is a requirement to ensure the business’ exterior noise level is kept to a minimum, based on where it’s located. Either the people within the neighbourhood of the business need to be protected from elevated noise levels or the surrounding environment in general needs to be protected. Regardless of the reason for tamping down the noise levels, the sound insulating doors offered by Protec and sold by Doortec may be the ideal solution. There are five different levels of sound insulation provided by Protec’s door line.

Liquid retention barriers

While there is a wide range of legislation governing the levels of fire resistance of doors, there is also a significant amount of documentation regarding the level of liquid retention a door might have. With a near-zero leakage loss, these doors only leak one litre per hour per meter of length. Therefore, they give businesses a much improved door over other doors on the market, which may allow liquid to escape in far greater volumes.

Burglar resistant doors

There are an increasing number of insurance companies and businesses which require a higher degree of resistance to the danger of being robbed. In addition, a number of branches of the armed forces are requiring that their doors have a high degree of resistance to burglary as well, so business owners can rest assured that their equipment will be secure when they close their doors for the evening.

ATEX/Explosion proof doors

As you might expect, Protec’s line of ATEX 137 doors is designed with the highest safety standards in mind. There are a variety of safety regulations and legislation which Protec has kept in mind as they’ve designed these doors, and you can be appropriately advised once you outline your requirements. Protec has extensive experience in the field of explosion proof doors, and this line of doors is designed with explosion safety in mind.

Whether you’re looking for a liquid retention barrier, an explosion-proof door or a door that’s highly fire resistant, Doortec offers businesses some comfort in knowing the door they choose to install on their business can be among the safest and most secure on the market. This, in turn, can help businesses meet insurance standards and any security requirements that they may have.

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